This plan involves the municipality purchasing barrels at wholesale cost and selling to residents at a reduced rate.


  • Encourages residents to purchase and use rain barrels.
  • Removes stress from city infrastructure by containing rain water at each home and releasing overflow into the ground as opposed to runoff going onto curbs and into storm water systems.
  • Removes stress from city infrastructure during watering months by reducing the amount of water required to be pumped and processed for homeowners to use.
  • Can be used as an educational tool to encourage good environmental stewardship and water usage conscientiousness.


  • Requires city to financially support difference between wholesale cost and what they sell them for.
  • Some municipality bylaws and policies require a formal request for quote with performance bonds and other added in items which add costs to barrel purchase.
  • Imposes a limit on how many rain barrels homeowners are allowed to purchase and on the amount the municipality is financially able to release for sale.

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