This plan allows for a targeted event , equipment, or program for the municipality to utilize funds.


  • Allows homeowners to see a direct result such as an after school program, playground equipment, park, etc. as a result of their purchase along with the cost savings they will realize for using the rain water.
  • Allows non profit organizations to set up, run and allocate proceeds from rain barrel sales. Some municipalities have utilized church, scout, and school groups to run the sale for them and utilize the funds for their projects.
  • No cost to city other than as mentioned in top paragraph.
  • Some municipality bylaws and policies allow for no required request for purchase if it is a zero cost project.
  • Allows municipal planners more flexibility in the way the sale is promoted and distributed.
  • Accessories and additional barrels can be delivered on a consignment basis to allow last minute buyers or for homeowners to purchase multiples thereby allowing for more retention and storage. Most homeowners realize they need accessories when they pickup, see the product and talk with staff about installation, as opposed to at time of order.


  • Removes some control over the project from municipality if they decide to outsource the running of the rain barrel project.
  • The municipality is still liable for collection of funds and payment even if no purchase order is utilized. This is not the case if it is outsourced to a group or organization. That group is then liable for payment and collection of funds.

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